Professional air purifier

Professional air purifier

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    Treated area: 120 m²
    Treated air volume/hour (CADR): 808 m³/h
    Ultra-silent: Yes ? 22 to 67 dB
    Ionizer: Yes ? Natural principle that negatively charges pollutants in the air to make them fall to the ground
    Anti-Microbial Pre-filter: Oui
    Medical grade HEPA filter: Yes ? Means High Efficiency Particulate Arresting filter, designed to capture fine particles as small as 0.3 microns
    Activated carbon filter: Yes ? Porous structure with high absorption power which fixes and retains VOCs and odors.
    PM 2.5 Laser sensor auto-detection: Oui
    Air quality indicator: Yes ? Counter and color
    Formaldehyde decomposition rate: 99% ? Oxidation and decomposition into water vapor and carbon dioxide

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